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Oh Come on ... Seriously???

Oh come on, Seriously? How many "new" diet plans are fitness and diet experts going to come out with? From the many TV Shows showing and teaching us all kinds of different weight loss methods and foods to eat, to Social Media showing us new exercising tips, and nutrients and vitamins and smoothies and meal plans to choose from.

My head is seriously spinning around in circles from all of the information out there today.

Uggggg... Stop already!! How many different good for your body foods and supplements can our bodies ingest in one day?

One day it's the day off diet, the next day it's the three day cleanse diet. There are so many ways to eat now between vegetarian and vegan, and paleo and gluten-free and non-dairy. How can we decide what is right for us? What is healthy for us?

Meal plan choices are becoming easier and easier. From ready-made frozen entrees, to new health food stores, to Amazon fresh, to pre-packaged self prep meals delivered to your door. The possibilities are endless. We don't even need to go to the restaurants anymore, or go shopping to the grocery stores. We can have restaurant meals and our groceries delivered right to our front doors! This society and world is getting so caught up in making things so easy for us, that we don't even have to think about what we want to eat anymore. We don't even have to go to the store and plan our meals. Everything is being done for us, and we can do it all right from the comfort of our couches and the touch of a finger!

Remember all those home-economic courses we took in high school back in the day? Our children now, don't even have those courses offered to them, and why should they? When everything concerning health and wellness and meal planning is already done for them in an instant. Just pick up the phone and have your meals delivered to you. Or go online and place your order, pay and have it delivered or picked up. Grocery store shopping? What is that?

You can have your meal plans constructed for you and have the grocery store deliver them to your front door.

Don't want to think about your meal, but still want in on the action of making it? You can choose meal prep kits sent to your door too! OK, OK I admit it - a lot of these meal kits are healthy and inviting for you, and yes occasionally, it is nice to have a pizza or two delivered to my front door. And yes, I will even admit - going online and picking what I want to eat is very convenient and quick. But hey, what happened to all the fun in preparing , cooking and sharing meals together with family and friends?

How can we as a family and as a society adhere to a healthy way of eating and living? How can we possibly find our #healthhappiness journey on our own, and really learn how to be happy and healthy and fit, to live long lives, if we can't think for ourselves about what we make and put into our bodies?

I don't know about you all, but I am old-fashioned about how to become and stay healthy and fit. I refuse to sit from my couch and place my meals of life over the phone or on the web. If you enjoy cooking as I do, or even if you don't, meal planning is still fun! Exercising is still fun! Going to the grocery can be fun! And I use "can be" fun , if you make it! No one likes that task anymore than me, but if you have a plan for the week and your list is planned for the week, it makes this task a lot easier, saves you money, and can yes even be a lot of fun!

My tips - I go to at least two or three different grocery stores, and I have the layout of the stores pretty well. I have devised grocery lists based on the lay out of each store. No, I don't go to three stores each time, I can usually do most of it at one store, and I have a couple of favorites that are a lot cheaper than the humongous chains out there. But I like the variety, and having a completed grocery list based on the store, saves a ton of time in the store, especially with kids in tow! Planning meals for the week is so much fun when you do them as a family! Everyone has likes and dislikes and favorites, so planning them together insures that everyone has a say in what they eat each week.

When their favorite meal comes up for the week, they can help out in making it. It also helps when you buy fresh ingredients, to have them at the beginning of the week, to insure they stay fresh, so planning a meal with these ingredients is handy to have on your meal plan for the week specifying what day to cook them. Sticking to a plan each week, insures that you stay on track with your healthy eating and weight losses. Plan one day to eat out, or order in, just don't eat out or order in meals that incur a whole weeks worth of calories in one meal! lol....

Staying on track and getting off our butts to do it, is so worth it. Teaching our children what the TV and the Web and "experts" can't teach them is the best part of our parenting skills we can pass on to them! Keeping ourselves healthy begins at home. Make it part of yours!

Go old school! I know you can do it!!!

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