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Breaking up is HARD to do...

Breaking up is HARD to do…

But it can be done! Breaking away from the Sugar and Fat and Carbohydrates in your diet, can be rough at first! But persistence and goal setting and finding new yummy alternatives in your diet can become stress-free and rewarding to your taste buds if you let them!

It is true that your body does need time to adjust to not fulfilling the need to have sweets or fats or carbs. But your body will thank you for it big time! It takes just about 2 to 3 weeks on the average for your body to stop craving the foods that have a lot of sugar, fat and carbohydrates in them. But once you significantly lower your intake of these foods, you will start to feel so much better, that you will crave the foods that are so good for you, you will never want to go back to the way you were eating before.

Your body may even crave new types of foods, you never liked before, or never thought you would want to try before. With the new wave on smoothie drinks, and protein shakes, you can pretty much add anything to them to receive the best nutrients you can to your everyday diet. You can even add foods, that you never liked before to them, because chances are you will not even taste them in there!

We all know the health benefits to eating better of course, but giving them up for good, or cutting way back can be a real challenge. It’s almost like quitting any addiction in life, you have daily struggles, sometimes it takes a lot longer, and you may even have setbacks, but the goal at the end is to become a whole, healthier you!

For me, it took just about 2 weeks of not having the sugar, or unnecessary fats and cutting way back on my carbohydrates, before my body took notice. After that hump, I really didn’t crave those foods anymore. You know the cravings for a sweet something or other after dinner-time, but before bed that you so routinely, every day had to have. Or the pasta, pasta, pasta and bread that you couldn’t get enough of? Well, I didn’t crave those foods either. Once I opened my mind, and stopped eating them, I became more and more aware of what my body needed to feel better!

And boy did I start feeling 100% better! The energy came back, the IBS went away, the sleepless nights became fewer and fewer, and yes even my Pee became a lot clearer! (Did I really just say that?) It’s true, what your body looks like on the outside is a truer indication of what your body looks like on the inside!

My blood work numbers were edging down little, by little, and I was truly feeling so much better about myself than I ever did before! And the proof that I was eating better really showed in those results! You can’t fake it or lie to your Doctor about your diet, when he has your numbers to prove it right in front of you!

Lesson learned there, I wasn’t only pretending to my Doctor, but to myself about my health happiness. Of course, my inspiration needed a much bigger kick, than just the routine Dr. visits. Each time I would go and hear the same advice over and over again, I would always say, OK yes, I got this! Another three to six months before my next visit, I can do it. I can follow the advice and start that diet and get that weight off before my next visit. WRONG! It became such an unhealthy pattern for me, the yo-yoing, the different diets I would put myself thru, even the exercising I hated to do, just to try to prove to myself that I could eat healthy, lose weight and feel better about myself.

Of course, the pattern continued onward and upward, the Dr. visits remained the same, until finally, on one of those last visits, the numbers finally caught up to me and told me what the Dr. had been saying to me all this time. I am sorry but you are not pre-diabetic anymore, you are full-blown diabetic, and you need to go on medication and check your blood sugars every day.

That moment hit me like a ton of bricks, I really don’t know why I was so surprised, I heard what she said every time I went. But it usually stayed with me for a good month and I would say to myself, it’s not that bad, I will try again and next visit I will surprise her, well this time she surprised me.

So, reality sunk in, and this time I decided to change my attitude, and readjust my priorities and make my health happiness the number one objective in my life to achieve. Moving forward, I cut out my sugar, lowered my fat and carbohydrate intakes, and perused those farm stands like nobody’s business. I weighed and measured and tried new foods, new recipes, and even found an exercise I truly enjoyed!

I am becoming successful on my health happiness journey, and I never thought I could live without those foods, but I am really “living” without those foods, and you can too!

Break-ups really aren’t that hard at all, you just have to make the change that is right for you. Do what makes you happy and really live the life you want, the change is within you, you just have to know where to look.

Look in the mirror, I mean really look into that mirror, and see that vision on the other side as a happier, healthier you!

Break-ups? Naw, you got this!

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