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The Million dollar question goes to...

The Million Dollar Question goes to…

Everyone! We have all asked the same question over and over and over! And we continually get the same answer over and over and over again!

What is the million-dollar question???

Why can’t I lose weight, and keep it off?

And the million-dollar answer to that question is – Because we are not losing the weight correctly in the first place!

Diets are not the answer for any long-term weight loss. They are a quick fad fix, that usually are only a temporary weight loss goal, and once they are over do not keep us healthy and fit for a life-time.

So, what should the million-dollar answer to successful weight loss be?

Eating healthy foods and moving our bodies daily. But we all know this, so why do we not follow what we know works, and instead op for all these diet “quick-fixes”?

Because we are in a hurry all the time, to find quick fixes and quick cures! We didn’t put on our weight and live unhealthy lives in a matter of days – it took most of us months, even years to become this way, so why would we think it would come off in days or weeks? We know it won’t, but we continually believe that we can “fix” ourselves in a short amount of time and we will be good for a lifetime.

Maybe it does work for some people, but for most of us the answer is no, it doesn’t. So, we keep trying to find new diets, new fads, new cleanses, new ways to lose weight quickly and easily!

I used to be that believer! I was always looking for new ways to lose weight and keep it off. Looking for that magic pill, that new popular diet plan, weight loss centers – you name it I’ve tried it all! But ya know what? I found that answer to that million-dollar question by finding my health happiness!

I started eating the right foods and moving my body daily. Adding vegetables and fruits to my every day diet. Cutting out the sugars and cutting back on the carbohydrates. Eating enough protein every day to sustain me and eating healthy fats! I love trying new foods now and incorporating them into new dishes that myself and my family absolutely love! Was it easy to convert and try new things?

Some days yes for me, no for the Fam, and some days yes to the Fam and no to me! But the best part of it all is having so much fun trying new things for myself and my family! We are finally on the right journey together towards finding all of our own health happiness paths!

Finding the right balance to what you eat every day is key! Follow these guidelines and you have a “win-won” attitude to losing weight and keeping it off! If it works for me and my family it will work for you!

Balancing out what you eat every day is key. No one is perfect, and no one will have perfect eating or exercising plans every day. It is a balancing act that takes awhile to perfect! Once you get started with the right eating health plan though, your health happiness journey will be constant and will continue on for a lifetime!

Find out what works for you by experimenting with new wholesome foods that you have never tried before. Try new vegetables! If you don’t like a lot of vegetables, or you are not a fruit lover, try incorporating them into dishes in “disguise”!

Add them to morning smoothies (I Love Smoothies!). Hide them in your dinner dishes, you will never know they are in there and you will benefit greatly from their health benefits! Keep it simple at first, and gradually add new foods to your every day diets! Your body and mind will transform into healthy machines and your motivation and energy will increase ten-fold!

You will start to feel so much better, you will be answering your own million-dollar question by answering - why didn’t I learn and start this sooner?

Start your journey off like a turtle and in the end, you will be running like a rabbit to the finish line!

Open your mind to a new way of thinking about what you need to do to stay on your health happiness journey for a lifetime. It’s not about the fads and the diets – it’s about every day eating and moving. Is it that simple? Yes, it is….

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