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Finding our Happy Place - Part I. Tips to getting yourself there.

Blog #7

Finding our Happy Place… Part I – Tips to getting yourself there.

Why do we want to find our happy place? Because you want to, and because you need to.

You want to, because you want to become a better mentally you! You need to, because you want to become a better physically you! Either way you word it, want to or need it first, or last, the results will always end up the same.

How do you get to your happy place is a journey amongst it-self. Taking care of your mind, soul and spirit is crucial to taking care of your physical body. And how you take care of your physical body is crucial in taking care of your mind, soul and spirit!

Separating the two won’t work. It never did, you already knew this! But why you ask is part of the bigger picture! Until we can understand why mind over matter is so important, we will always be trying to separate the two. Maybe out of convenience, maybe out of need, maybe unknowingly, we all do it!

Why? Because it is so easy to discard the hard stuff in our life and hold on to the easy stuff. But the hard stuff is all of the good stuff we need to conquer so that the good stuff will have more value, more meaning and become a permanent place into our lives.

So, how do we get to our happy places? With diligence, change and persistence. Once we get there, all the steps we took along the way will become habit for us and staying in that happy place will be easy for us to maintain.

Here are some tips for taking that trip to finding your happy place:

1) Throw out the old baggage. Getting rid of the old bad memories that keep you from moving forward is essential for your mental well-being. Stay away from those people that have helped you stay in that place and move on.

2) Look for the positive. We often over worry, stress out and feel anxious because it’s easier than learning to look for the positive. The thing is; that being anxious or worrying 24/7 about your situation doesn’t do anything to change it. Your life is priceless. How many hours, months and years do you want to spend worrying about something that you have no control over? Remember, most of the things that you worry about the most, never happen. The “what ifs” that cycle through your mind are usually far worse than reality. Let those go and focus on something positive.

Do you want to spend the time you have left worrying, especially when worry doesn’t make things better? STOP WORRYING! It’s gonna be O.K.!

3) Keep a daily journal. Write one page a day or more in a journal. Write down whatever comes into your mind. Keep the pen moving while all of your thoughts are drifting in. Focus on the positive. Make a conscious effort to look for positive things during the day. Appreciate those positive moments.

4) Keep a gratitude list. Write down 3 things that you are grateful for each day. It will make you feel better. You will remember that there are always things going right in your life. Find a time during the day to reflect on these things, be grateful and be alone with your thoughts.

5) Take one day at a time. Focus on getting through today and leave the future for tomorrow. Change begins with baby steps. Count your blessings. No matter how stressed you feel now, remind yourself about all that you do have. Each day you will become to feel better and the baby steps you are taking will become giant steps at the end of each day. Embrace an uncertain future. Accept the fact that the future is unsure, and it is out of your control.

6) Do something fun and treat yourself well. Love yourself as you want others to love you. You deserve to be well taken care of. Bring new things into your life. Soon the Happy smile on your inside will show on the outside to everyone around you.

7) Exercise daily. Walk, run, take a class or practice yoga. Find something that you enjoy. It will help you feel calmer and find inner peace. It also gives your mind something else to focus on and brings you closer to achieving your weight loss goals.

8) Know that you are not alone. There are many suffering with the same issues that you have. Just knowing that there are others with the same issues helps you not feel so isolated. Join a support group if need be. Find yourself a new activity you can do with a friend or family member and talk about your concerns.

All of these tips and more to follow will guide you on your journey to feeling better and will help you to truly find your happy place in this world.

Part II in next week’s blog. To be continued…

Remember, a Happy YOU is a better, fulfilled, healthier you! Keep going, your happy place is just around the corner! Just open your eyes and look! 😊

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