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Let it go, Let it go ...

Let it go, let it go, you can't hold it back anymore. Distance makes everything seem small, and the fears that once controlled you, can't get to you at all. Time to see what you can do, to test the limits and breakthrough your fears of the past.

These words from the famous song and movie, were never spoken so true to how we need to just let it go. Letting whatever troubles you go can be downright fearful. But if you dig deep down, and peel away all the layers, somewhere, way down at the bottom, is a spark of light just waiting to rise up and reach the surface to melt away all of your fears and troubles.

You need to forgive yourself. Whatever was in the past, that is still controlling you from living in the present, needs to be let go. Forgiving others is not for their benefit, but for yours. When you can wipe your slate clean, and start over fresh, that is the moment you can breath a sigh of relief and really start living for you!

Shit happens. It happens to each and everyone of us. Whether we like it or not, at some point in our lives, we are gonna make the wrong decision. More than once, most likely. But ya know what, we can learn from our mistakes, we can forgive ourselves and move on. We don't need to keep going in circles, making the same mistakes over and over. Breaking the ice is like freedom for our souls. Melting away layer after layer after layer of all the bad stuff, we can finally see a much clearer path to our future.

It is a bright one, if we want it to be. It is so much easier to forgive someone else, than to forgive ourselves. We want to keep picking away at ourselves, making wrong choices, taking small steps, and being indecisive, so we don't crack all-together. It is so easy to be told over and over to move on. It takes strength and courage to pull ourselves together just long enough, to figure out that life does move on. People in your life may move on without you, but you can move on also. Don't worry about the things that you have no control over, there is absolutely nothing you can do about those things anyway. Instead focus on what you do have control over. You have control over what you do everyday. The choices you make can be good ones, the decisions you make can be the right ones, and the mistakes you make can be the learned ones.

Follow your heart, but with your head held on straight. Bend at the knees, but keep your eyes looking up and move your legs forward, but with a "pep" in your step! You got this. No

one ever wrote a book or a blog, telling us how to live the perfect life. Their is no such way to live. The imperfect way we all live our lives is the perfect way we all live our lives.

So learn from your mistakes, forgive yourself and others, make better choices, make the right decisions and live your imperfect life the way you are intended to live it. With peace, and happiness and love, knowing that you are in the right place at the right time with the right people walking over that thick tread of ice together.

Let it go, let it go ...

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